Teresa M.
I don't usually write any review on anything but I am making an exception this time because it was the biggest day of my life. I would hire Artistic Photography all over again! Wellington and Sarah paid attention to every detail throughout the wedding process and gave me some good advice that even our wedding manager missed. They shot our engagement photos and we had a blast. He used a professional strobe light for our photos for outdoor that I had never seen from other photographers. I had been a bridesmaid 4 times before so I had seen other photographers at other weddings. The photos and the posts were to our liking and their prices were excellent so we hired them to do the photo and video for our wedding. At first, our wedding manager strongly recommended another photographer and another videographer they worked with. Therefore, I went with their recommendations but just booked their photographer only. I just asked my friend to take some videos on her phone. I guess they want to get some more commissions. Their photographer and videographer were charging something like $3000 each. I don't have a rich parents, my husband and I had to pay for most of the expenses. We had already used the catering, the wedding chapel, the DJ, and the flowers recommended by the wedding manager. We ran out of money for their photographer. We tried to save some money by finding a cheaper company and found Artistic Photography. They are good people with good equipment, good photos and good videos, and good services but they were new in this business. He volunteered many weddings before for his friends and relatives and have good photos. Since they charge only $600 more for the video, I asked them to do both. On the wedding day, they captured moments we didn't even see, arranging posts, using good lighting equipment, and things to make each shot perfect without photo editing. The video was stunning and helped us relive our special day from start to finish. They helped to arrange the photo taking process for all guests that made the entire day less stress. They bought in a studio type of lightbox and strobe to make the group photos much better than ordinary flash photos and cell phone photos. Sarah the videographer was friendly with the family and even reminded guests to stop and take photos in the photobooth and sign the guestbook. She asked guests on each table to say something to us in the video. We watched 10 times over for those videos. We took photos in the photobooth (not just the normal photobooth with props but for taking photos with bride and groom) with most of the guests and they are all very happy with their photos. The guests can order their photos online through a photo sharing site (I guess Artistic Pro make extra money off that but that is OK, I guess all other photographers do that) so we don't have to worry sending them photos one by one. We received our photos and about one hour of videos just 2 days later and we viewed them online during our flight out to Hawaii. I recommend Artistic Photo and Video for all their services and the great photos at a great price. They don't nickle and dime us to the death like other photographers. My friend was charged $7000 total by her photographer when originally quoted around $3000. I just paid them one fix quoted price and nothing afterward. They gave me all the photo files so I took it to Costco to print them out to make my own photo albums. Thank you all so much for everything you did to make our day so special and capture the memories that will live on!
Sarah H.
Beautiful graduation photos for my daughter and very friendly. He took many great shots for my daughter's friends too. His price is very reasonable for the quality of photos we got.